I love a good conspiracy theory (please see ) and with the recent stories circulating (that I’ve painfully read through – I’ll never get that time back) that Anderson Silva took a dive because, errrrrr, he got a bit bored at being champion…

It got me thinking about other Mma conspiracies that have echoed throughout the timeline of Mma, and I’ve put together a few, of varying distinction that run the gauntlet ( if this was on TV; which is a strange thought in itself since it’s a blog, but bear with me, we’d be going into the flash back dream sequences bit right about now)

Seeing as the ‘Anderson Silva took a dive’ dribble is what inspired this blog, I’ll start with that (Don’t worry it won’t take long).

- Spiders Web:

Anyone who says Anderson Silva took a dive is either a troll or a fool and I don’t have time for either. Maybe Silva was lacking motivation, and maybe subconsciously he was fed up, but since there isn’t an app out there yet that delves into the subconscious of mma greats it’s something we’ll never know and, anyway, who cares? Weidman stepped in, did the business and went home with the title. All this talk of Silva ‘gifting’ him the title dilutes this great achievement for Weidman.

Colossal Conspiracy Conclusion: If you believe Silva took a dive, or in any way ‘gifted’ out this fight, then you should do two things. The first is repeatedly hit yourself over the head with a large rock, and the second is get another hobby…. maybe you can combine the two: Rating 0/10.

- An ‘Oily’ GSP:

This all came about when Bj Penn lost his challenge to regain the welter weight title from GSP on Jan 31st 2009. Between rounds it looked like some kind of Vaseline was applied to GSP’s body. While it did look like small particles of something were applied; was this magic lotion the reason for Bj Penn failing to take the title back? No I’m afraid, it’s not that easy. Titles aren’t won, or lost, on whether a small amount of Vaseline is applied. It’s just not that simple. You can find lots of YouTube video’s showing the alleged ‘magic substance’ being applied to GSP. BJ Penn took it all the way to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but none of the allegations could be made to stick to GSP. This could’ve also been down to Vaseline.

Colossal Conspiracy Conclusion: A strange one since, if I was going to put money on it, I do think small amounts of Vaseline were applied to GSP. The fact one of GSP’s corner men was pictured with a tub in the cage during the fight hints that it was, but how much bearing does this have in the fight? I’d say to arrive at this answer take the small amount of Vaseline, that might or might not have been applied, divide it by 10, then subtract by 100, then divide it by two, twice. Short answer is not a lot. Rating: A strange 5/10 since I think Vaseline smearing did happen, but didn’t effect or change the outcome of the fight.

- Fixes with Frye:

The date was …… 1996. The event so good they named it twice. Ultimate, ultimate ’96′ tournament.

Tank Abbott was in the final against either Mark Hall or Don Frye. Hall says Frye and his management came into his dressing room asking for a ‘buy’ to the final. Frye had already fought for 17 minutes and Tank was pretty fresh. According to Hall he decided to take the $50,000 he alleged he never received, and took a dive. ( if it happened the way Hall said it did then the decision was probably made easier by the fact that Frye had beaten Hall twice previously).

If we look at the fight it does end extremely quickly and, with the old favourite, if you’re going to fix a fight do it with the Achilles lock. But who knows? It seems a strange thing for Hall to say if it’s untrue.

I wish I’d asked Frye when I last saw him but, alas, I forgot! He probably would have told me to fuck off anyway.

Like I mention briefly in a previous Colossal concerns on fixes in Mma here, Frye says Hall is a seriously damage individual.

Colossal Conspiracy Conclusion: Who knows? I mean really, it’s one thing to take a dive but it’s another thing to do it on an I.O.U basis. But Hall didn’t think he was going to win going off the last two fights so I’m thinking Frye knew he’d win it. It was just a case of getting to the final with enough gas in the tank, to beat tank. So I’ll rate this as a 7/10 (Don’t hurt me Don).

- Kimbo and Elite’s fall from grace:

Well that, as we all know, was at the hands of the recently retired Seth Petruzelli. Not only did he have the audacity to beat the golden ghetto boy, but then, after he’d done it, he talked candidly about how he was offered a ‘stand up’ bonus for his fight with Kimbo and even insinuated that it was agreed before the fight. Talk about crashing the party! Seth’s invite to Elites party had him drinking all the beer, making out with their wives, kicking the dog and going to the bathroom on their best rug! The party was over.

Elite couldn’t take the double bubble of the star’s defeat and these stand up allegations, and so Elite folded like a cheap deckchair.

I think I was offered a 5k KO bonus in my contract with Elite against Kimbo, obviously ‘slimy’ Shaw didn’t think much of my stand up.

Colossal conspiracy Conclusion: Seth had no reason to lie. Shamrock was injured, Elite were flustered and Shaw went into slime overload and KO’d the company. I’d put your life on it, my life on it, and any living person’s life on it. That’s why it’s getting a CCC rating of 10/10

So on to my final Mma Conspiracy. I started with a stupid far out one so I might as well end with one.

- A knock out so good, it has to be fake:

Ben Henderson gets knocked down and loses the light weight WEC title due to what can only be described as a kick from the gods. Only it wasn’t Zeus, or any other god like creation that delivered it, it was from Anthony Pettis. Remember that kick? It was like something out of Tekken 2. I spent a lot of time watching that fight looking at Pettis corner to see if they had a controller. I mean it really was something special. This makes the Conspiracy even harder to take as, like the Weidman win over Silva, it tries to dilute something great.

Now the kick itself was a thing of beauty. Henderson back pedals as Pettis bounces of the cage to deliver a kick to the side of Henderson’s head. So what’s the problem? Well as Henderson was backing up he hit the cage. He then put his back foot on the cage wall before circling and falling victim to Pettis kick.

I can only think because the kick was so amazing (which is credit to Pettis) the geniuses put 2+2 together and got 4097.3.

Yes Henderson put his foot up on the cage just before the kick landed, but so what? He was getting his cage bearings. Why would a young, upcoming, talented fighter take a dive? Why would the UFC, who owned WEC, bother to ‘fix’ a fight when they were winners either way, as both fighters were marketable?

Let’s fail to mention in all this that the kick actually hits home! It’s not like we’re talking about a suspicious phantom kick here, it actually lands. The whole who ha about Henderson’s foot on the cage is stupidity of the highest order and I’m getting on my own nerves writing about it.

I’m in a bad mood now. I need to see the affirmation to clear my head from the dullards that even suggest these things.

Colossal conspiracy Conclusion: 0/10

So that was an assortment of MMA Conspiracies, ranging from the laughable, to as much of a sure thing as you can get. On the whole, fixes and general conspiracies in Mma are pretty light on the ground (unless I’m fighting ;) and with a bit of luck we’ll keep it that way.

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