So, what’s this all about? What’s Meggings? Why, as men, should we be against them? Well first off, Meggings are the male version of leggings.

As far as I can see they’re exactly the same as the ladies legging but the marketing geniuses have come up with a clever ploy to hood-wink all you confused males out there that could possibly wear these things!

They simply changed the L in leggings for an M, thus making them manlier. BRILLIANT! Argggghhh…. I can’t fucking take it anymore, what’s happening? Is it me? Am I just an ageing, out of date fool that should just shut up and watch as males are turned in to females in front of my very eyes?

The Meggings are a symbol. They’re a line in the sand. We, as men, have to say no more, it’s not happening! We’re not going to fall for it…NO!!!!

Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m very open minded. People can and should be able to do whatever they want. BUT, I don’t think males really want to wear this shit.

The gay men of the fashion industry have a plan, a cunning plan. They are trying to turn us into them. Now I don’t care if your gay (crack on fellas) this is not a gay nor sexual thing. This is a ‘clothing issue thing’ that needs to be addressed.

Boys, men, males need to know that you don’t need to follow these insanely feminine fashion rules. It’s ok to embrace your manliness as let’s not forget you are one (a male) beneath your guy liner and layers of foundation

to the ‘victims’ of this, please, I’m not having a go at you. I’m not disrespecting you. I’m surprisingly doing the opposite and I really do respect you, I do. Why? You might ask.

Because you will go to extremes, that I wouldn’t have gone to, to get laid. So hats off to you. This leads me next to my next point: woman you’re not helping here. You’re rewarding this burning of manliness by giving these guys the manliest thing around… YOU!

You need to open your eyes and think, does ‘this’ look good or does this a poor, confused, lost soul look silly. And guys, for all the things the girls are good at, when it comes to fashion the ladies are victims, don’t let them drag you down.

Look, I think if you want to wear Meggings, skinny jeans, blouses, skirts, high heels then whatever. This is directed at the men who don’t want to, but feel like they have to fit in.

No more I Say! I’m a Men-insist (Men-Insist = like feminist but male, we also don’t shave and we like girls too ;) and you my brothers are not alone. The Colossus has your back.


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