MAN UP (Not too much)

This next subject I’m about to tackle on Colossal Concerns surprises me in so much that when I first heard about it, I thought most people would overwhelmingly agree with my view point, which doesn’t seem to be the case now I’ve had the chance to read some of the articles and opinions floating around about the said subject.

So what I’m I talking about? Well it’s the transgender fighter called Fallon Fox. Fallon used to be a man and has now had the operation and medication to help her achieve his goal (it gets confusing) of being a woman. Hence the transgender part.

The part that has caused the controversy in all this is that Fallon now fights woman Mma. Now, maybe I’m naive. When I first heard about this I thought the up roar would be immense about the fact Fallon is competing in a violent sport and the fact she used to be a man would give her a massive advantage. Not only that but Fallon KO’d two of her female opponents, that weren’t even aware of the fact that she used to be a he!

How can that be right? I mean let’s just boil it all down to facts here, no political correctness just facts, and then go from that point.

Before I go on let me just say I don’t care if you’re a midget, gay, black, fat or transgender or all of these thing put together. I’m not here to criticise transgender people, that’s not what this post is about, if it makes you happy or you think it will then crack on as it’s your business. Who am I, or anyone else, to get in your way? As long as you’re not hurting anyone else then good luck to you. But what happen when someone’s personal choice CAN hurt someone else – like in the case of combat sports.

Fallon Fox had the operation to change gender seven years ago, as far as I know Fallon never competed in Mma as a man (I couldn’t find evidence for this but I could be wrong) and has been on medicine to lower testosterone whilst increasing oestrogen which, then in turn, decreases strength and bone density along with other physical advantages a male might naturally have over a female.

On paper this supposedly makes it a level playing field.

Well… My issues, and I think Joe Rogan stated it very well when he said on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that Fallon, even though taking appropriate medications to emulate female hormones and characteristics, will ‘still have the bone structure of a man’.

Even with all the medication in the world to make it more of a ‘level playing field’, I’m not buying it that Fallon doesn’t have a strong advantage. Let’s break it down.

Men have an advantage over woman when it comes to sports, largely because even when both sexes weigh the same men have twice as much muscle and half as much fat as a woman does (which as an aside is one of the good reasons, along with hormones that women have cellulite and us men don’t -well we do but it’s just hidden under lots of lean, manly muscle;) but the medication Fallon takes reduces that factor, right?

Ok, by how much? 50% 30% 10% someone give me a figure because I don’t know and it seems no one else does either. Why? Because the subject has not been looked into that closely and even if it was looked in to, it’s all subjective. You have the same issue when it comes to bone density and structure. Sure it depletes with this medication but by how much?

I think it’s been forgotten that another big advantage males have over females is that their organs are different sizes. Men have bigger hearts and lungs that obviously help power the body. So basically what are they telling us? That Fallon’s organs have decreased in size because of the medication being prescribed?

While all the treatment, medicine and such like, can do wonderful things, you can’t tell me that they’ve completely neutralised nature and made things a level playing field.

The only time that medicine will have come far enough to make it a level playing field will be the day that this situation occurs the other way around. A woman undergoing a sex change, to become a man, then entering the world of Mma and dominating a man because of the medication will be the only day that it will be fair. I wouldn’t hold your breath for that one.

I’m guessing a lot of people that are in favour of Fallon fighting females aren’t, in general, ‘in the know’ about combat sports. Fallon advocators are looking at the issue purely from a ‘we are all equal’ perspective. This is great but when it comes down to a physically enduring sport, where a lot of pain and damage is inflicted on someone, it’s not quite as simple as ‘we are all equal’

After saying all this do I think Fallon should be able to fight MMA… absolutely – As long her the female opponent knows what’s up.

Then it’s fair as her opponent has the choice to weigh up the facts and decide whether to accept the fight or not, that is the opponent’s personal choice. It infuriated me to hear in the media that either two or three of her opponents didn’t get to make that choice as the  fights were based on half-truths. What about THEIR rights as woman, competing in a physically damaging sport that can have lasting implications to their health. Who was looking out for the rights of these females?

I can’t image what it must be like to feel like you are trapped in the wrong body and the entire trauma you and your family must go through and, of course, Fallon has as much right to change sex and to do whatever makes her happy, that was her choice and I’m sure it wasn’t taken lightly as I’ve heard the transition is hard to go through.

As long as everyone involved in the fights knows the truth about the situation, then the choices each individual makes based on the facts are the only level playing field we’re going to get.


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