Self Awareness – Bad Liars & Boring People (& the end of the world)

Now, these two types of people are different in some ways but at their core they are very similar. I’ll explain…

When it comes to the bad liar variety you can have someone tell you a terrible, badly thought out lie and in them doing this you can find it, them and the whole experience mind-numbingly boring and maddening.

In the boring guys case, you could have one of these (boring guy) telling you the inner workings of ‘simulation theory’ whilst you nearly fall asleep mid-way through their intelligent waffle, whereas on the other hand someone else (not you) would appreciate listening to this bomb-blast of knowledge that you’re being subjected to.
The person telling you just isn’t aware of whether you’re interested in what they are saying or not, as the case may be, or they don’t care as they find it so interesting themselves, how could anyone else not!

The common factor in these two types of story tellers is self-awareness, or rather the lack of it.

I find bad liars incredibly annoying and insulting because they’re expecting me to be so stupid that I believe their poorly thought-out bullshit.

I remember an example of this back when I was at Higgenshaw college in good old Oldham UK. There was a bloke, I don’t recall his name (which is just as well as I am about to call him a bad lair), but I can sadly remember in detail one of many conversion I had with him.

It went like this;

Morning Billy ( let’s call him that ;) you good?

“Narrr not too good mate” rubbing and shaking his head in an anguished fashion

“Why’s that pal?” I asked in a loving caring manner

Well I got hit with a golf club, nine iron (specific details) straight to the back of the head” he turned round and just pointed to a perfectly normal looking part of his head.

Billy then went into a whole diatribe, actions included, about how he got hit, the immense force that the golf club struck him with, and how it couldn’t knock him out. As I watched Billy, I started getting mad. I was thinking ‘wow, you think I’m stupid’ but then I realised he almost BELIVED IT HIMSELF. I started finding it Interesting as I looked at the person before me who, to a certain degree, had to be mentally ill.

Instead of getting mad, I tried to figure out (to no avail) how many times does it take to tell the same story before you start to believe it? What must it be like to live in this bubble of make believe.

Basically what I’m trying to get at is that although the person talking passionately and at great lengths to you might be Interesting to someone, and the bad liar telling his bad lies might also be Interesting to someone, (although probably less) it’s this lack of self-awareness that is a massive factor in both spectrums.

Self-awareness is something that seems to be lacking more and more these days as reality and the made up seem to merge. Look at the reality TV shows we are now privy to in abundance. The people/actors in TOWIE (UK version of The Hills) don’t know even know if their acting anymore!

Although these types of show are scripted, the strings of the willing and docile wannabe puppets starring in them are being pulled by the wonderful T.V people.

The puppets have figured out that if they have a relationship with Z, the show would like and it would piss off Y, which will then get them more air time and will make for ‘GREAT’ TV (in some people’s eyes) and will make me into a bigger star and they’ll sell more units of their own fake tan.

You can see how it gets confusing as we blur the lines of what’s real and what’s not. Who decides when you can make, make-believe real?

Look at X factor, A factor B, C, and D factor. Of course some of these wailing no hopers have figured out that if they’re dreadful at singing then they can still steal their ’15minutes of fame’ and fair play to them for using what little they have and changing their realty.

It’s the people who don’t realise that I find most Interesting and disturbing.

(Stay with me now) This blending, mixing up of realities is the reason why, when something comes along like a virtual reality simulator, advertising a new reality – which is better than life as we now know it (see the book better than life by Grant Naylor) we’ll just plug right into it. Scary but I can see it happening easily.

I like my conspiracies. I find it interesting trying to determine where you draw the line on them.

Please have a read of my earlier blog on here “…….

Deciding where to draw the line is so hard. I know that there is a NWO and many off shoots groups to it. But what are the end goals of these groups??? It would make sense that the NWO would want to capitalise on a ‘growing way of life’. E.g., People becoming more dependent on technology.

I’ve just done an Internet search on ‘conspires, new world order and social media Internet’, and I got no specific search-term info back. I think that’s because the Internet is the most un-natural, natural things there is. It’s natural to want to connect with people but doing this via a computer is an un-natural way. One alleged motive for the NWO is to de populate the world as we’re becoming increasingly overcrowded, and the more people there are the less control the NWO would have over us all.. I’m not sure whether this theory is right or wrong but I do have to ask the question

Why would they bother killing everyone when the public will simply plug themselves in for a better reality?

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